Silver Glen Springs – All Exclusive Insights!

Exclusive Insights to a Day at Silver Glen Springs!

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to cool off and make a splash, Silver Glen Springs located in Astor, FL is an absolute gem waiting for you. And guess what? Castaways on the River is here to guide you through this popular destination!

Beautiful Silver Glen Springs!
Silver Glen Springs is an absolute gem!

What’s the Cost to get in Silver Glen Springs?

At Silver Glen Springs, it is free to enter the springs by boat. The entrance fees vary between $6 to $12 per person for a day pass when seeking to go on land. These rates vary, so it’s a good idea to check ahead of your visit. Seasonal passes are offered if you plan on making frequent visits. Enjoying the crystal-clear waters and beautiful scenery is definitely worth the visit!

Rent a boat from Castaways on the River and set sail north on the serene St. Johns River. It’s a picturesque journey that leads to Lake George, the largest lake on the river. From there, the exploration continues as you navigate to this stunning spot! The whole trip by boat takes just about an hour, giving you plenty of time to soak in the beauty around you. Boat rentals at Castaways on the River are available for as little as $150 for half a day! Experience affordable adventure and make unforgettable memories with our boat rentals at Castaways on the River.

Can you Swim at Silver Glen Springs?

Not only is it an instant cool-down on a hot day, but the water is so clear. It’s refreshing, it’s revitalizing and it’s an absolute blast! Plus, the gentle current makes it a relaxing swim so you can float along and take in the stunning underwater scenery. Trust us, this oasis offers more than a rejuvenating experience—it’s a place where you can effortlessly swim off a pontoon boat, for your refreshing adventure! 

Step into Silver Glen Springs!
Step into the refreshing water at Silver Glen Springs!

Safety at Silver Glen Springs

Rest assured, this refreshing spot is a safe haven for swimmers of all ages. The waters here are generally calm and serene, perfect for both experienced swimmers and little ones. With its gradual depth, it’s a reassuring environment for families to enjoy a worry-free swim. You can also visit further details by visiting The Recreation Area!

What is the Average Water Temperature?

Speaking of comfort, let’s talk about temperature. The springs stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year at an average 72° F thanks to its natural spring source. Even on the hottest Florida days, this spot remains refreshing and inviting, providing a welcome escape from the heat.

Is Silver Glen Springs Kid Friendly?

A dream come true for kids! The shallow areas and clear visibility make it an ideal playground for children to splash around safely. They will love exploring the underwater world, spotting fish and maybe even a playful manatee or two! Visitors are often delighted by the sightings of manatees. Manatees, often referred to as gentle giants of the sea, are large, slow-moving marine mammals known for their friendly demeanor. These incredible creatures have round, robust bodies with paddle-like flippers and wrinkled, whiskered faces. Manatees are frequently spotted during the cooler months, typically from late fall to early spring, seeking warmth in the constant 72° F water. They’re more likely to appear during the quieter times of the day, especially in the morning. Visit our blog about how to spot manatees in north central Florida to discover further insights on where to see these amazing animals!

Two manatees swimming in Silver Glen Springs!
Children will enjoy spotting Manatees in Silver Glen Springs

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Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family seeking adventure or a group of friends craving some memorable fun, this spot has something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the magic of Silver Glen Springs while staying at Castaways on the River! 

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