Tackle Box for Freshwater Fishing

tackle box freshwater supplies
There are a variety of supplies needed in a tackle box for freshwater fishing.

Tackle boxes for freshwater fishing can be basic for the beginner to the more advanced for the experienced angler. In putting together a tackle box, make sure to know what type of freshwater fish you’ll be after to gather all the supplies you’ll need.

Look to use a tackle box that is sturdy and able to endure the wet and messy conditions while fishing. Keeping everything organized and clean will aid in making you more efficient to catch the big one!

tackle box freshwater
There are a variety of supplies needed in a tackle box for freshwater fishing.

Know the lingo

Each item in the tackle box has a specific purpose and use for anglers. Knowing what each piece does and using it to make a catch is part of the allure of fishing. A main difference of freshwater fishing is the depth of water, usually more shallow along rivers like the St. Johns River. Items like bobbers & floaters, sinkers & lures along with various hooks have varying weights to help keep the bait in the water. It’s always good to have extra gear on hand.

Tackle comes in all the different colors, shapes and sizes and using those features is a good way to keep everything organized and easy to find when you need it. Keep everything in its own spot. Sure things may get mixed up while fishing, but take a few minutes before and after to sort everything out. You’ll be glad you did.

tackle box freshwater fish
Gathering the right gear for your freshwater tackle box.

Additional Tools of the Trade

While rods and reels are not stored in the tackle box, each is important in the use of everything in the tackle box.

  • Fishing line – the line attached to your fishing rod that the tackle will be attached.
  • Clippers or Knife – to cut the line when needed
  • Needle Nose pliers – makes for easy removal of hooks
  • Gloves – helps protect your hands when dislodging hooks or other items.
  • Sunscreen – whether on the boat or on shore stay protected from the sun’s rays.
  • Flashlight – if you leave before dawn or after sunset, it’s always good to have a light source to see what you’re doing.

Plan the start of your trip here with us and enjoy one of Florida’s best sources of freshwater fish. Dock your own boat or make arrangements to rent a boat to reach your fishing destination.  Give us a call here at Castaways On the River at (352) 759-3422 to ensure you are ready to tackle your freshwater fishing trip.


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