Exploring the Wonders of the St. Johns River

The St. Johns River is a charming waterway for anyone who loves adventures and nature. And guess what? At Castaways on the River, we have bottled up all the fun the river has to offer. It’s the perfect spot for anyone seeking to dive headfirst into the great outdoors and soak up all that natural beauty!

How Far Can You Navigate the St. Johns River?

The St. Johns River is an ideal spot for all adventures! As you gear up for your river excursion, here’s a handy tip to keep in mind: our boat rentals come with a gentle reminder. There’s an 11-mile boundary both north and south of Castaways on the River. For a visual guide on where your nautical adventures can take you, check out our map of authorized areas. At Castaways on the River, we’ve got fantastic pontoon rentals available, perfect for enhancing your time on the water.

Pontoon boats displayed lined up at Castaways on the River.
Ready to set sail along the St. Johns River!

What is the Depth of the St. Johns River?

Spanning over 300 miles, the depth of the river can vary quite a bit. In some spots, you’ll find it’s pretty shallow, maybe just a few feet deep, especially closer to the banks. But as you move toward the middle, it can surprise you, reaching up to 20-30 feet in some places! It really depends on where you are along the river. So, if you’re planning a dip or wondering about boat clearance, it’s a good idea to check out specific spots or areas along the river where you’re headed.

Is the St. Johns River Freshwater or Saltwater?

When it comes to exploring the waterways around Castaways on the River, one common question that arises is the distinction between fresh and saltwater. The St. Johns River presents a fascinating mix known as brackish water, created when run-off creeks and springs add salt from underground deposits to the river’s freshwater. It also occurs where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, creating a unique blend. Brackish water is neither fully salty nor entirely fresh; it’s a captivating blend of both. This mix allows for a diverse array of aquatic life to thrive in its midst.

For angling enthusiasts, the brackish water is a treasure trove. With its teeming fish population, including largemouth bass, catfish and crappie, fishing here is an angler’s dream. Castaways on the River not only offers an escape to the river, but also provides insights into the best spots for casting your line. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, the prospect of landing a prized catch in these waters is an exciting lure that can be explored further in “St. Johns River Bass Fishing: What You Need to Know

A largemouth bass is spotted jumping out of the St. Johns River.
The perfect catch!

Get Ready to Explore! 

With its picturesque landscapes and diverse offerings, the St. Johns River is a mesmerizing waterway awaiting your exploration. Are you licensed to fish in Florida? If not, purchase a license today. Whether fishing, swimming or simply soaking in the beauty, you are secured an escape that rejuvenates the soul.

Pack your sense of adventure and prepare for an experience! Castaways on the River awaits, promising a getaway like no other. Visit our cottage and boat rental options to experience it for yourself! 

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