Full Moon Fishing on the St. Johns River

“The sun, moon and stars are there to guide us.” – Dennis Banks

Did you know that the phases of the moon can have a huge impact on the feeding habits of fish? A full moon like the one hovering over the St. Johns River right now is a great time to go fishing. Other moon phases have benefits too. We’ve got tips and the reasons why full moon fishing on the St. Johns River is one of the best times to catch fish.

full moon fishing
Full moon fishing on the St. Johns River is one of the best times to catch fish.

Moon Phase Fishing Benefit

Moon phases have an effect on the behavior of all animals, including fish. Both the movement of the sun and the moon has an effect on the oceans of the world and their tides. But the effect of the moon is easier to predict because it’s closer to Earth than the sun. As the moon passes around the Earth, the pull of gravity causes cyclical movement of the Earth’s rivers and oceans that perk up fish, which in turn keeps your fishing poles busier.

Two Best Phases for Full Moon Fishing

Serious fishers keep an eye on a moon calendar at all times when planning their fishing excursions. While there is disagreement among anglers which phase of the moon is best for fishing, there is uniform agreement that the different phases of the moon alter fish movement and fishing patterns. Here what you need to know about the top two best moon phase patterns for full moon fishing.

  • New Moon: Many fishers claim the easiest time to catch fish is four days on either side of the new moon phase. It’s well known that fish are more active and visible during a new moon phase.
  • Full Moon: It’s well documented that fish are more active during a full moon, especially in the evening hours because there is more light for them to feed and more light for you to find them.

Moon Trumps Sun

Fishers already know that great times to fish are dawn and dusk as the sun rises and sets. But avid anglers know there are two other times in a day the fish are biting: When the moon rises and sets. The moon has a stronger influence on fish than the sun because the different phases of the moon affect the behavior of fish and when they are likely to bite.

full moon fishing
The moon has a stronger influence on fish than and when they are likely to bite.

Full Moon Feeding Tips

Right now on the St. Johns River, a full moon is in effect through Friday. When there is a full moon, the fish are more active and feeding more than usual. You’ll increase your catching chances if you follow a moon calendar and get those fishing poles ready for summer fishing when the moon rises and sets. Moon fishing tip: Some say fish are most active 45 minutes before and after the moon rises and sets.

Weather Make a Difference

Storms and clouds can affect the behavior of fish regardless of the moon cycle. When a storm is brewing and there is a lot of cloud cover, fish will be more active and your chance of increasing the big one multiplies. Watch weather patterns closely though and stay safe before and after a storm.

Seasonal Fishing Patterns

Moon phases work great but if you keep an eye on the moon calendar and seasonal changes at the same time, you’re likely to have a perfect fishing day. Most fish are likely to bite more during seasonal transitions. The season transitions from winter to spring and summer to fall are the best two seasonal times to fish. Fishing weather pattern tip: If a cold front is approaching, the fish are likely to move deeper into the water and become inactive to stay warm.

full moon fishing
The moon illuminates the surface of the river to help you fish.

Time Moon Fishing with Tides

Timing a fishing trip with a full moon and a low tide at the same time is fishing gold. The movement of the water, combined with a full moon, causes active fish to come to the surface looking for food. Keep tabs on the tides here.

Don’t have time to keep tabs on the tides or get out on the water this week during the full moon? Luckily for you, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has done your research for you, picking these future fishing days this summer that make for the best summer fishing days when you factor in phases of the moons:

  • July 4-19
  • Aug. 2-18
  • Sept. 1-16

Fish by the Light of the Moon

Fishing at night isn’t as popular for obvious reasons but full moon fishing offers lighting benefits. The moon illuminates the surface of the water and allows bait to be seen more easily by hungry fish. So thank Mother Nature for the extra light and enjoy fishing by the light of the moon.

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