How to Plan a Company Fishing Trip

Are you planning a company fishing trip with your team to celebrate the past year or prepare for the new one? As the New Year approaches, there is no better time to get out on a boat in the St. Johns River and forge lasting bonds with your co-workers to make the upcoming year a […]

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9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Anglers

It can be a daunting task to buy the perfect holiday gift for the angler or boating enthusiast in your life. There is no need to panic. Utilize these nine holiday gift ideas for the anglers in your life this year. Waders Fishers that love to fish in rivers like the St. Johns River always […]

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How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree in the Ocala National Forest

Oh Christmas tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging. If you have never experienced the fun and excitement of finding the perfect live Christmas tree as a family, we urge you to find and cut down the perfect tree in the Ocala National Forest in North Central Florida. It’s legal as long as you follow these […]

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The 7 Best Live Freshwater Fishing Bait

Live bait will typically grab the attention of more fish than artificial bait. If you’re seeking to up your fishing game on the beautiful St. Johns River in North Central Florida, bring some of the best live fishing bait available to take home more than your fair share of fish. Minnows It’s the circle of […]

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Top 8 Florida Cold Weather Fishing Tips

Does Florida even have a winter season? The answer is yes. Lows in North Central Florida can dip into the 30s and 40s from November through March. The chilly mornings typically make way for warm afternoons with highs in the 60s and 70s. The fish in the St. Johns River adapt to the cooler weather, […]

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Tips for Building the Perfect Campfire

There is something about a roaring campfire that makes the campground perfect during cool evenings in the Ocala National Forest. Follow our tips as we teach you how to build the perfect campfire to enjoy with friends and family. Create Your Fire Bed Safety comes first when you create a campfire. Camping sites like those […]

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5 Must Stop Dining Spots Along the St. Johns River

The St. Johns River in North Central Florida is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and a nice meal along the river. The fall season and cooler temperatures make November a great time of year to experience the area. We have the five must-stop dining spots along the St. Johns River in Astor, Florida that […]

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7 North Central Florida RV Campground Tips You Need to Know

Are you ready to do some RV camping in North Central Florida? The fall and winter months are the best time of year to take advantage of the RV Florida campgrounds and enjoy the cooler weather and amazing scenery along the St. Johns River. Load up the RV as we review an RV campground tip […]

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8 Pontoon Boat Fishing Tips You Need to Know

Fishing on a pontoon boat is very popular. Fishers love the stability of the boat while they are fishing. Pontoon boats are also known for their ability to turn on a dime. Grab your fishing gear as we present you with 8 pontoon boat fishing tips to make your day on the St. Johns River […]

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Fall Bass Fishing on the St. Johns River: 7 Tips for Success

Did you know that depending on the season, there are different tips and tricks to catch bass effectively? While autumn in Florida may be a bit warmer than most regions of the United States, here are 7 fall bass fishing tips for reeling in largemouth bass. Follow these fall bass fishing tips on the St. […]

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