What Types of Fish are Located in the St. Johns River?

When it comes to the St. Johns River in Astor, FL there’s a rich variety of fish that call it home. Anglers and nature enthusiasts alike can find an assortment of species swimming through these waters, making it a prime location for fishing and exploration!

What are the most common types of fish found in the St. Johns River?

There is a diverse assortment of fish found in the St. Johns River. You will find both freshwater and saltwater species inhabiting different parts of the river. The river is characterized by brackish water, a unique feature that is not typically associated with freshwater river ecosystems. This distinctive mix of fresh and saltwater creates a dynamic environment that supports a range of marine and freshwater species. The St. Johns River includes species that are typically found in saltwater habitats.

Some of the more common freshwater species include:

  • Largemouth bass
  • Bluegill,
  • Crappie
  • Catfish

On the saltwater side, you might spot:

  • Redfish
  • Flounder
  • Speckled trout

As for the most common fish found in the St. Johns River, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint just one. The river is home to a diverse ecosystem, and the “most common” species can vary depending on the time of year and specific location. However, largemouth bass is often a top contender for most frequently caught fish. Its abundance, combined with its popularity among anglers, makes it a staple catch in these waters.

The catch of the day is secured!

Can fish caught from the St. Johns River be consumed?

The answer is yes, but with a few considerations to keep in mind. The Florida Department of Health has issued guidelines on the consumption of fish from these waters, especially due to potential contamination from pollutants, like mercury. They recommend limiting consumption of certain species like largemouth bass and bowfin to once a week or less. It’s always a good idea to check the most recent advisories before fishing or eating fish from any body of water.

Create your own fishing adventure at Castaways on the River!

Overall, the St. Johns River is a haven for fish of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re an avid angler or just someone who enjoys observing nature, you’re sure to be captivated by the marine life that calls this river home! Make Castaways on the River your next fishing destination. Rent one of our 20-foot pontoon boats and set sail! Call 352.759.3422 or visit our boat rentals page to get started. Tag us on X, Facebook and Instagram with #CastawaysontheRiver to show off the types of fish you discover!

Exploring the Wonders of the St. Johns River

The St. Johns River is a charming waterway for anyone who loves adventures and nature. And guess what? At Castaways on the River, we have bottled up all the fun the river has to offer. It’s the perfect spot for anyone seeking to dive headfirst into the great outdoors and soak up all that natural beauty!

How Far Can You Navigate the St. Johns River?

The St. Johns River is an ideal spot for all adventures! As you gear up for your river excursion, here’s a handy tip to keep in mind: our boat rentals come with a gentle reminder. There’s an 11-mile boundary both north and south of Castaways on the River. For a visual guide on where your nautical adventures can take you, check out our map of authorized areas. At Castaways on the River, we’ve got fantastic pontoon rentals available, perfect for enhancing your time on the water.

Pontoon boats displayed lined up at Castaways on the River.
Ready to set sail along the St. Johns River!

What is the Depth of the St. Johns River?

Spanning over 300 miles, the depth of the river can vary quite a bit. In some spots, you’ll find it’s pretty shallow, maybe just a few feet deep, especially closer to the banks. But as you move toward the middle, it can surprise you, reaching up to 20-30 feet in some places! It really depends on where you are along the river. So, if you’re planning a dip or wondering about boat clearance, it’s a good idea to check out specific spots or areas along the river where you’re headed.

Is the St. Johns River Freshwater or Saltwater?

When it comes to exploring the waterways around Castaways on the River, one common question that arises is the distinction between fresh and saltwater. The St. Johns River presents a fascinating mix known as brackish water, created when run-off creeks and springs add salt from underground deposits to the river’s freshwater. It also occurs where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, creating a unique blend. Brackish water is neither fully salty nor entirely fresh; it’s a captivating blend of both. This mix allows for a diverse array of aquatic life to thrive in its midst.

For angling enthusiasts, the brackish water is a treasure trove. With its teeming fish population, including largemouth bass, catfish and crappie, fishing here is an angler’s dream. Castaways on the River not only offers an escape to the river, but also provides insights into the best spots for casting your line. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, the prospect of landing a prized catch in these waters is an exciting lure that can be explored further in “St. Johns River Bass Fishing: What You Need to Know

A largemouth bass is spotted jumping out of the St. Johns River.
The perfect catch!

Get Ready to Explore! 

With its picturesque landscapes and diverse offerings, the St. Johns River is a mesmerizing waterway awaiting your exploration. Are you licensed to fish in Florida? If not, purchase a license today. Whether fishing, swimming or simply soaking in the beauty, you are secured an escape that rejuvenates the soul.

Pack your sense of adventure and prepare for an experience! Castaways on the River awaits, promising a getaway like no other. Visit our cottage and boat rental options to experience it for yourself! 

Secrets to Fishing on Pontoon Boats

Picture this: gliding through peaceful waters, and hooking that next big fish. This isn’t just fishing, it’s a whole lifestyle here! Stick around, we’re diving deep into everything you need to know about fishing on a pontoon boat. Come join the fun!

A Castaways male guest catches fish on pontoon boat!
The perfect catch!

Are Pontoon Boats Good for Fishing?

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, the convenience of fishing off a pontoon opens up opportunities for relaxed and enjoyable fishing. One of the standout perks is the ease of fishing from pontoons. Being elevated on a pontoon gives you the ultimate bird’s-eye view of the water! Pontoons radiate casual vibes—super roomy deck, cozy seats everywhere, the ideal boat for fishing with the family! The relaxed atmosphere adds to the experience, creating an ideal setting for both fishing success and enjoyment while on the water.

Pontoon boats at Castaways on the River are lined up prepared for a day on the river.
Pontoon boats are all lined up for a day on the river!

What are the Advantages of Pontoon Boats when Fishing? 

From their spacious decks offering ample room to maneuver and cast lines with ease to their sturdy construction, ensuring a smooth and secure fishing experience, pontoon boats stand out for their versatility. Equipped with cutting-edge amenities such as:

  • Ample Seating
  • Sturdy construction
  • Versatility
  • Stable platform

Discover the freedom to explore diverse fishing spots and access otherwise unreachable areas, all while relishing the comfort that these exceptional pontoons bring to your fishing journey. 

How Safe Are Pontoon Boats For Fishing?

When you’re out for a chill fishing trip, safety is super important, Especially when you’re hitting the waters on The St. Johns River! Pontoon boats are the way to go—they’re the perfect combo of comfort and stability. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, these boats are ideal for safety! Picture this: spacious decks, sturdy build, and zero flipping. Pontoon boats give you a solid base to cast your line and reel in that big catch of the day.

Pontoon boats lined up for a sunny day on the St. Johns River.
Come along for a day on the St. Johns River!

Crafting Your Ideal Fishing Adventure 

Are you licensed to fish in Florida? If not, purchase a license today. Get ready to dive into an adventure that’s both easy and exciting. Contact Castaways on the River by calling  352.759.3422 or visit our St. John’s River Boat Rental page to secure your pontoon boat for a St. Johns River fishing trip. Let’s make your fishing dreams a reality! 🎣

6 Tips to Stay Safe Around Wild Alligators

There isn’t a more beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of north central Florida than on the St. Johns River. When you’re boating, fishing or hiking trails near the river, you’re likely to run into longtime residents of the river – alligators. If you do, we offer these tips to stay safe around alligators while you’re enjoying the St. Johns River.

Don’t Feed the Alligators

This is the most important alligator rule. Alligators are naturally afraid of humans. Feeding them with food other than their natural prey only makes them bolder and makes them want to seek out people to find more food. So keep the people food to yourself. You also don’t want to feed ducks, turtles or other natural wildlife along the St. Johns River.

Be Cautious During Mating Season

Alligators can be a bit testy and do peculiar things during mating season, which happens in the spring and the summer months. Alligators only leave their marked territories this time of year to look for females, so you may see larger alligators more frequently and in places you don’t normally see them. Just wave to them, give them their space and leave them alone.

Never disturb alligator nests or baby alligators because their mom is always nearby ready to protect her babies.

Keep Your Dogs on a Leash

Everyone likes to take their dogs boating and fishing on the St. Johns River. Just be sure to keep them on a leash when you disembark the boat for a restroom break. You don’t want them running off alone, especially during alligator mating season.

Keep your Distance

Alligators may look lazy and slow, but when they want to move, they can move fast! You should stay at least 60 feet away from alligators at all times. If an alligator hisses or lunges at you, you’re way too close. Also, never disturb alligator nests or baby alligators because their mom is always nearby ready to protect her babies.

alligator on the river
Don’t swim in areas where you can’t see your arms or legs to avoid alligators.

Water Safety

The cool refreshing water of the St. Johns River is enticing when you’re on the boat and want to take a swim. But if you can’t see your arms, legs and feet when you’re in the water, you shouldn’t swim in the water. Stick to swimming in the cool, refreshing springs like Silver Glen Springs and other springs you can access from the St. Johns River. The water is shallower, crystal clear and alligators aren’t likely to be there.

Fishing Around Alligators

Be cautious when casting a line near alligators. Some alligators will try and grab a hooked fish. Also stay away from fishing in heavy vegetation and near the water’s edge where alligators like to hang out. You don’t want to catch an alligator on your line.

Plan Your Trip

It’s time to plan a trip to the river. Rent a hotel room or book a cottage at Castaways on the River to make your trip perfect. Once you step outside your room, there’s a variety of rental boats sitting in the marina waiting for you to cruise the river or go fishing. Call Castaways on the River at (352) 759-3422 to plan your fishing trip on the river.

St. Johns River Fun Facts

It’s BIG

The St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida at a whopping 310 miles long.  It flows through 12 counties, moving from northeast Florida to the Atlantic Ocean.  At its largest point, the St. John’s River is almost 3 miles wide.


It is also separated into three river basins and two watersheds.  The Upper Basin of the St. Johns engulfs approximately 2,000 square miles, and the largest basin is the Lower Basin covering 2,600 square miles. Thanks to its massive size, the river transports about 16,000,000 tons of freight through the ports in Jacksonville, Fla. per year.

It Flows North

The vast majority of rivers in the world flow from north to south.  This is usually due to the river’s source, mostly mountains, is to the north of the mouth causing the water to flow downward.  However, it is said that fewer than 30 rivers in the United States are the exception to the rule and flow northward, including the St. John’s River.


The reasoning behind the unusual flow is the slight slope in the river itself.  Beginning in the Saint John’s Marsh, the rivers course slowly lowers about 30 feet to the mouth meeting the Atlantic Ocean.  This extremely gentle slope causes a very lazy river; it’s actually one of the slowest in the world.

It’s VERY Connected

About 3.5 million people live within the various watersheds that feed into the St. Johns River.  It’s the main water body in the St. Johns River Water Management District that covers about 21 percent of Florida or about 7.8 million acres.


It has a Salty Side

The St. Johns River begins as a network of marshes, consolidating into a blackwater stream.  This means that due to its groundwater and marsh beginnings, the River is predominately fresh water.



It’s not until the River hits the Jacksonville area that the water becomes brackish.  This is due to the sides pushing seawater into the mouth of the St. Johns River, creating a estuarine ecosystem in the area.  This means animals usually seen out to sea such as dolphins and sharks are sometimes found thriving here.

It has…monkeys?

Where the St. Johns River meets the Wekiva River, troops of Rhesus Monkeys can be found monkeying around.  Known for their adept swimming abilities, the origins of the Rhesus Monkeys transports remain unknown. However, several theories exist. Many believe they were brought in during the 1930’s filming of Tarzan. Whatever the case, they have adapted well to their new Florida home off the St.Johns River.


It’s Fun

There is never a shortage of fun in the sun on the St. Johns River, known as the most significant recreational river in Florida, and for good reason.


Known as the Bass Fishing Capital of the World, the St. Johns River is rich in fisheries including ample crappie, bluegills, catfish and other varieties freshwater fish. During the spring and summer months, visitors can enjoy clear waters for swimming, boating, and scuba diving along the river’s connected watersheds.WWW.CASTAWAYSONTHERIVER.COM (7)

Ashore, the St. Johns River Water Management District maintains approximately 700,000 acres of land for hiking, camping, hunting, biking and equestrian riding.

Blue Springs State Park

The St. Johns River is also linked to 14 lakes and numerous Florida Springs including Blue Spring State Park, a protected Manatee Refuge. During the winter season, hundreds of manatees inhabit the surface of the spring for onlookers to enjoy.



Boat Rentals on the St. Johns River

At Castaways on the River, we offer boat rentals at our Lake County location in Astor, FL. Looking to stay awhile? Rent a cool cottage or a motel room today at Castaways on the River, which is right on the St. Johns River.

Share your Favorite Spot

Do you have any favorite spots along the river? Leave a comment, below.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag us! We’d love to hear from you.

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10 Fishing New Year’s Resolutions

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Buchan

Happy New Year! We know you have big plans to make 2017 another great fishing year on the St. Johns River in North Central Florida. Follow these 10 New Year’s fishing resolutions in 2017 to stay focused on the fish at hand and remember why fishing soothes your soul.

New Year’s fishing resolutions
St. Johns River fishing is all about taking time to unwind and to do some self-reflection.

Study Your Electronics

Let’s face it. If you want to be considered a serious angler in 2017, it is time to get to know the latest electronics that help your sport. An electronic depth finder will help you find where fish are hiding and topographical maps help you navigate the river’s bottom easily.

Barometers also help you measure the atmospheric pressure. When the atmosphere pressure rises or dips over the course of a few hours, fish are more active during that period. GPS and weather electronics should also be on every angler’s boat for safety reasons too.

Fish in the Moment

Fishing is all about taking some time to unwind and to do some self-reflection. Do not stress about where you found fish last year. Take a deep breath, enjoy all the St. Johns River has to offer and trust your fishing instincts while you do some exploring in new areas.

Keep Your Mind Open to New Techniques

We have all said it. “I’ve been fishing here for 10 years and know everything about how to fish here.” That is just not true though. Be open to new technology and take fishing advice from others in the New Year. At the end of the day, fishing should be exciting, fresh and fun. Don’t get stuck in a rut or fishing might become boring for you.

electronic depth finder
If you want to be considered a serious angler in 2017, it is time to get to know the latest electronics that help your sport.

Exercise on Off Fishing Days

We know, we know. Fishing is a sport. But for a good part of the day, you are sitting on a boat waiting for fish to grab your line. Try getting into an exercise regimen on your off fishing days. Strengthen those arms and legs this year and watch as your fishing friends are impressed with your newfound strength when you’re casting bait and reeling in the big one.

Get Your Tackle Box Organized

Most anglers have a mess of a tackle box that somehow works for them each and every year. But imagine if your tackle box was organized and efficient this year! That could make all the difference for an improved fishing day on the water. Take some pride in your sport and follow our tackle box guide to get started.

Help Others on the St. Johns River

There are so many fishers out there that get set in their ways and don’t like to divulge their fishing secrets. We would argue that is the wrong approach in this day and age. One of the best joys in the life of an angler should involve helping others learn the sport and watching them grow to appreciate the hobby as much as you do. Make some friends, be a fishing mentor and enjoy the smiles and appreciation on others faces this year as you teach them new tricks. Try participating in a river cleanup or being a volunteer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission too.

Take a Camera

Anglers are notorious for telling stories about the big fish they caught but never having the proof to back it up. Make a commitment in 2017 to always take a camera with you to document your catches and capture all of your fishing adventure moments with friends and loved ones on the St. Johns River.

man fishing on the river
Follow these 10 fishing New Year’s resolutions in 2017 to stay focused and remember why fishing soothes your soul.

Be More Patient

A true fisher knows fishing is a game of patience. Anglers can always use a little more patience so try to practice that mantra this year. Leave your bait in the water a little longer and don’t give up on a fishing spot too soon.

Make More Weekend Fishing Plans

Commit to getting away for longer than just a day. Plan more weekend or week-long fishing trips this year. Book a stay at Castaways on the River to enjoy a comfortable cottage or motel room that sits right along the beautiful St. Johns River.

Rent a Boat

Castaways on the River can handle all of your St. Johns River boat rental needs this year. The marina offers a variety of boats that are ready for use on the river today. The St. Johns River in Astor, Florida is a great place to do some serious fishing this year and practice your new fishing resolutions. Call Castaways on the River today at (352) 759-3442 to book your boat rental and lodging needs today!


9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Anglers

It can be a daunting task to buy the perfect holiday gift for the angler or boating enthusiast in your life. There is no need to panic. Utilize these nine holiday gift ideas for the anglers in your life this year.

Gift ideas anglers
Utilize these nine holiday gift ideas for the anglers in your life this year.


Fishers that love to fish in rivers like the St. Johns River always need some new waders. Waders protect anglers that wade into flats and knee-deep areas to find the perfect fishing spots. The angler in your life will thank you every time their new waders keep them dry.

Rods and Reels

Anglers can always use a new rod and reel to improve their fishing skills. Which one should you pick? Here are a few to choose from these days:

  • Shimano is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality fishing rods reels. They make surf and spinning reels and trolling and muskie rods.
  • Loomis has a line of high-performance graphite rods and features conventional and fly fishing rods for serious anglers.
  • Umpqua is the largest producer of quality hand-tied flies. The company also makes high-quality fishing packs, bags and vests that are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Dan James Rod Company makes what many fishers claim are the best custom rods in the world. The company offers an adjustment of the balance of their rods, making it more comfortable for anglers to cast with more distance and accuracy.

Here are 10 other must have items for a St. Johns River fishing trip.

Fishing Books

Does your fisher love to pick up a good book? Impress him or her by picking up some of the classics like “The Old Man and the Sea” or “Moby Dick” to show that you care about the hobby they love so much.

Fishing Magazines

Does your partner like to read up on the latest and greatest fishing equipment and trends? Consider getting your loved one a fishing magazine subscription that will cover all the bases on a monthly basis.

Gift ideas anglers
Anglers can always use a new rod and reel to improve their fishing skills.

Monthly Tackle Subscription

Even better than a monthly magazine? Many fishers will love a monthly package of fishing lures that are delivered straight to your home. You can find subscriptions that meet your freshwater fishing needs for the St. Johns River.

Read up on the best live fishing freshwater fishing bait to take with you on the river to impress your partner too.

Polarized Sunglasses

If your angler doesn’t have a great pair of polarized sunglasses, they are missing out. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and help you find fish trying to hind under water. Give the gift of super fish vision to your loved one this holiday season.

Fishing Tools

Is there anything missing from your loved ones tacklebox? Impress them this holiday season by finding out from a friend what they need. Put some stocking stuffers in their stocking like needle-nose pliers, a filet knife, a new net and a pocketknife.

YETI Coolers and Tumblers

YETI coolers have become the new “must have” item for anglers and boaters. They are indestructible and can keep ice intact for days. Find a complete line of YETI coolers, tumblers and other accessories from which to choose.

hooking a present
Hook the perfect gift for your angler this holiday season.

Book a Fishing Trip Stay

Book a stay at Castaways on the River and surprise your partner with a holiday fishing trip on the St. Johns River! We offer cozy cottages and motel rooms so you can stay awhile along the river.

Rent a Boat

Just when you thought we thought of everything we have one more gift idea for you. When you visit Castaways on the in Astor, Florida, rent a boat at the marina and surprise your loved one with a fishing trip that comes complete with fishing advice from you marina operator. The marina on the St. Johns River can accommodate all of your boating needs. Call Castaways on the River today at (352) 759-3442 to book your boat rental today!


The 7 Best Live Freshwater Fishing Bait

Live bait will typically grab the attention of more fish than artificial bait. If you’re seeking to up your fishing game on the beautiful St. Johns River in North Central Florida, bring some of the best live fishing bait available to take home more than your fair share of fish.

best fishing bait st johns river
The tried and true worm is always great bait for freshwater fishers.


It’s the circle of life. Big fish eat little fish. Minnows are essentially baby fish and are a popular freshwater fishing bait. Use large shiners to go along with your minnow bait when searching for bass.

Hook the minnow upside down using the same water they were captured in. Don’t puncture the minnow’s spinal cord so it can continue to move on its own while it is on your hook.

Clams and Mussels

Freshwater clams and mussels native to the St. Johns River make for great live bait. To keep them fresh, gather them from shallow water right before your fishing trip.

When you are ready to use them, crack the shell open and cut out the clam or mussel and allow the bait to harden in the sun before you put it on your hook. Try tying mussels on a hook with thread without pulling the thread too tight.

best fishing bait st johns river
Live freshwater bait tips can  help you target types of fish in the St. Johns River.


Crayfish are great for attracting smallmouth bass or panfish. Hook them through the tail to catch bass and use the pan mean from the crayfish’s pinchers to catch pan fish.


Beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars and crickets can be used as live fishing bait to catch panfish and trout. You can buy insects at a bait shop or try to catch them on your own. Have fun with the kids and send them searching for insects for your hooks.


The tried and true worm is always great bait for freshwater fishers. You can find them in the dirt of your garden or in local bait and tackle shops. Here are some worm tricks to help:

  • To attract trout, use smaller manure worms.
  • To prevent smaller fish from nibbling the worm without biting your hook, put just a piece of the worm on your hook. Thread the worm on the hook until it’s completely covered to avoid it from being stolen.
shrimp on a hook
Freshwater shrimp are great bait that work best in water below 70 degrees.


Freshwater shrimp are great bait that work best in water below 70 degrees. Looking to catch catfish? They enjoy snacking on a piece of frozen shrimp. Take off the shell and the tail before you place a shrimp on your hook.

Dough Balls

Okay, so are last recommendation isn’t exactly fresh bait. But if you’re looking to catch crappie in the St. Johns River, dough balls are your game. Dough balls are a homemade or commercially made bait treat that consists of flour, cornmeal and sugar mixed with a little bit of water. Here is a dough ball recipe the crappie will love.

Book Your Next Fishing Visit

You have the live freshwater bait tips you need to catch the most fish and target the types of fish you are looking for. Book a stay at Castaways on the River to do some fishing using your new bait tips. The marina can accommodate all of your boat rental needs. We also offer comfortable cottages and motel rooms so you can stay awhile along the St. Johns River. Call Castaways on the River today at (352) 759-3442 to book your boat rental winter fishing trip today.


Top 8 Florida Cold Weather Fishing Tips

Does Florida even have a winter season? The answer is yes. Lows in North Central Florida can dip into the 30s and 40s from November through March. The chilly mornings typically make way for warm afternoons with highs in the 60s and 70s. The fish in the St. Johns River adapt to the cooler weather, so we have the top eight Florida cold weather fishing tips to make your cold weather fishing experience a great one.

Stay dry and warm with rain gear when you’re fishing as cold fronts approach.

Search in Deep Holes and Shallow Flats

Water temperatures are the main factor when you are looking for fish. When you are cold water fishing, look for fish congregating in the warmer waters they can find. The warmest spots are in deep holes and shallow flats. Use a depth finder to find these deeper spots on the bottom of the river.

Follow the Flow

The current always triggers how fish feed. Currents can come from strong winter winds and tides. Fish like to swim on the down tide and the wind side of a point that has a current sweeping across it. Position yourself accordingly to catch fish in cooler weather.

Take Rain Gear

It is not very rainy in Florida during the winter but you should still bring along your rain gear. Water spray and wave action on the river brings more water than usual into the boat this time of year on the St. Johns River. Cold days make the water spray feel even colder so stay dry and warm with your rain gear.

Monitor the Cold Fronts

Passing cold fronts come one after the other in the winter season in Florida, bringing with them a day of stormy weather followed by at least two days of windy conditions. Once the front’s storm and windy weather subsides, the fish become very active. Take advantage of that calm and warmer weather by getting out on the water and catching some fish before the next cold front comes through.

depth finder on a boat
Use a depth finder to find spots on the bottom of the river where fish are hiding to stay warm.

Rising Barometers = Good Cold Weather Fishing

Barometers measure atmospheric pressure. A rising barometer means it’s time to grab a rod and get on the St. Johns River. When the barometer goes up and down (pressure increasing and decreasing over the course of a few hours), that’s also a great time to go fishing. When the barometer stays steady or decreases, fishing becomes poor.

Hint: find a good barometer app for your smartphone to keep tabs on the atmospheric pressure.

Increase the Scent of Your Bait

You need to give fish that don’t like cooler weather more incentive to be attracted to your bait in the winter. Clip the tails of your live bait, which puts additional scent in the water and increases the chances of your fish taking your bait.

cold weather fishing
When you are cold weather fishing, attract fish with fresh bait.

Move Your Location

Be willing to move your boat and change up your fishing spots to adapt to the windy conditions that cold fronts bring to the area. Sometimes moving the boat from a shallow shoreline to grass flats can yield great fishing results.

Book Your Fishing Visit

You are now ready to handle Florida’s cold fronts and become a cold weather fishing pro. Book a stay at Castaways on the River to do some fishing. The marina can handle all of your boat rental needs. We also offer cozy cottages and motel rooms that are just steps from the beautiful St. Johns River. Call Castaways on the River today at (352) 759-3442 to book your boat rental winter fishing trip today.

8 Pontoon Boat Fishing Tips You Need to Know

Fishing on a pontoon boat is very popular. Fishers love the stability of the boat while they are fishing. Pontoon boats are also known for their ability to turn on a dime. Grab your fishing gear as we present you with 8 pontoon boat fishing tips to make your day on the St. Johns River a successful one.

pontoon boat fishing image
Most pontoon boats have removable Bimini tops to provide shade from the boat deck.

Usage of Anchors

If the wind picks up on your fishing adventure, it’s difficult to keep a pontoon boat in place with one anchor. Castaways on the River ensures to have a second anchor in place in all boats. The second anchor on pontoon boats is essential for providing increased stability and safety, especially in changing water conditions.

Bring Towels

Bring along lots of old towels to spread over seats and underneath coolers and bait storage containers. This will keep your seats clean and your pontoon boat deck safe and free of water.

pontoon boat fishing Pinterest image
Castaways on the River can handle all of your boat rental needs on the St. Johns River.

Bring a Fish Container

Don’t forget a place for all the fish you are going to catch. Bring a separate container to act as a cooler that can hold the fish that you and your fishing friends catch.

Ladder Safety

At Castaways On The River, utilizing the ladder on pontoon boats is essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable boating experience. The ladder serves as a key tool for easy and secure access to and from the water, whether it’s for swimming, snorkeling, or simply taking a refreshing dip.

fishing from a pontoon boat
Rent a pontoon boat at Castaways on the River and enjoy a pontoon boat fishing day.

Visit Silver Glen Springs

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day of swimming, snorkeling, or simply basking in the sun on the sandy shores, Silver Glen Springs offers a refreshing escape from the bustle of everyday life. Read our blog on How to Plan the Perfect Day at Silver Glen Springs to gain tips on creating an ideal day at the Silver Glen Springs.

Plan a Pontoon Boat Fishing Party

Twenty-two foot pontoon boats are a great boat to hold a fishing party of up to 10 people comfortably with enough room to hold all of your bait, tackleboxes and coolers. Equipped with everything from radios to stowaway storage, they are the perfect boat to both fish and hold a pontoon boat party at the same time.

Read our blog on how to plan a pontoon boat party on the St. Johns River to get some pontoon boat fishing party tips.

Rent a Pontoon Boat

Ready to hop aboard and enjoy some pontoon boat fishing on the St. Johns River? Rent a pontoon boat at Castaways on the River. We can handle all of your boat rental needs. We also offer cozy cottages and motel rooms so you can stay awhile and enjoy the peaceful St. Johns River. Pick up the phone and call Castaways on the River at (352) 759-3422 to book your boat rental adventure today.